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Established in 2012

The One Tonne Wine Co produces small batches of wine from outstanding vineyard sites located in the Western reaches of Victoria.

We produce wines that voice a sense of place - that are created with low tech, old school tools, methods and equipment.

We focus on simplicity yet strive for flavour, intensity and above all great drinkability.

Simon Fennell has made his crust by day as Winemaker for Bests Wines, Great Western and Montara Wines in the Grampians region of Victoria.

Simon brings over 25 years of varied booze industry experience in founding the One Tonne Wine Co.

Over these often misspent years he has mostly dabbled at (in no particular order of preference); craft brewing, winemaking, vineyard work ​and has occasionally bashed the drums and or tickled the ivories in more than a few average cover bands.

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